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Crown Lengthening Naples

What is crown lengthening in Naples?
It is very simple to repair a tooth when there is a cavity above the gumline. Unfortunately, when a cavity is close to the bone or gum, it is a different story. It is very challenging to access the cavity, which can impair the ability to finish the final restoration. When a cavity runs deep, it is difficult to keep the area dry which is critical to the success of treatment. More importantly, a deep cavity can also impinge (go too deep) on the bone causing the bone to shrink away from the area of the restoration (Violation of Biological Width). A procedure called crown lengthening may be necessary to prevent this bone and gum irritation. This treatment will allow a more accurate restoration and increase the long-term success rate of the treatment.

A crown lengthening is a common surgical procedure to lower (reduce) the gum and bone to the point that a restoration can be placed. It is typically performed in conjunction with other procedures, and frequently can be performed as a cosmetic procedure to provide a solution for gummy smiles. There are some disadvantages to this procedure, which should be considered before undergoing this treatment:

  • It can increase the risk of root decay because, although the upper portion of a tooth is protected by enamel, the root is not.
  • An increased sensitivity to hot and cold due to the lack of enamel on the root (a root canal treatment can resolve this issue).
  • A greater chance of trapping food between the teeth because of the larger space.
  • Typically an anesthetic result, unfortunate if it is a front tooth receiving treatment.
  • Some loss of bone around the tooth as well as the surrounding teeth
The above-mentioned disadvantages can make extraction of the tooth and placement of a dental implant a more attractive option. There are several advantages to a dental implant:

  • It looks and functions like a natural tooth.
  • It preserves the bond, protecting it from being resorbed.
  • It eliminates sensitivity.
  • It will not decay.
There are many factors to be taken into consideration, so your desires and options should be discussed with Dr. Engle. With his endless knowledge and heartfelt compassion for his patients, he will take the time to answer your questions and address your concerns. Call Florida Choice Dentistry today to schedule a consultation with Dr. Engle, and let him guide you to the option that is best for you.
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