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Dentist of Naples Marco Island

Dental Crowns and Bridges

Cosmetic dentistry is a very broad term that covers many aspects of dentistry. Dental crowns and bridges provide a nice solution to rebuild broken down teeth and/ or even help replace missing ones.

Dental Implant Naples
Dental Implant Naples
Dental crowns are made of a wide variety of materials: High Nobel gold, non-precious metal, and a variety of different strength ceramics. Crowns and bridges look natural and can be color matched to match the adjacent teeth. The restorations provide added strength and protection to broken down teeth which can be especially critical on teeth that already have had root canal therapy (Endodontic treatment). Crowns can be placed on top of dental implants in order to give the appearance of a natural tooth.

Dental Implant Naples
Dental Implant Naples
Dental bridges connect single crowns together and are used to replace missing teeth. When a tooth is extracted or is missing due to disease or trauma, a bridge can be offered instead of using a dental implant. Dental bridges are an effective treatment option that can provide years of function.

Crowns and bridges are fabricated at dental laboratories. Unfortunately, it is up to your dentist to use a reputable dental laboratory that only work with high quality materials.  Porcelains can chip or fracture. Metals can fatigue (distort) during fabrication that prevent a proper fit (seal) of the crown around the natural teeth. To ensure long-term success with your restoration, a final radiograph is always recommended following the final cementation of your dental restoration(s). 

At Florida Choice Dentistry, our doctors provide only high quality crowns and bridges to our patients. To ensure the best final result, a final radiograph will be taken to check the margins of the restoration.

Want to improve the look of your smile? Are you missing any teeth? Isn’t it time for our doctors to evaluate your specific dental needs and goals?
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