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Dental Implants

Dental implants have become the standard recommendation for many restorative treatment plans. Individual or multiple implants can be utilized to replace missing teeth or to secure dental appliances such as dentures or removable partials. When placed and restored properly, dental implants can have success rates near 100%. In fact, the studies indicate a long-term success rate of 85-88%, fifteen years after initial placement and integration. As discussed in the literature, most restorative options in Dentistry only have an average life span of up to 10 years.
Dental Implant Naples
Maxillary Ceramic Implant Restoration
Dental Implant Naples
Which one is the Implant?
The process of Implant Dentistry at my office has become simplified utilizing an "in-office" CT Dental Scan (3-D radiograph). This unit can help treatment plan and identify potential complications or "surprises" prior to beginning definitive implant therapy. This ultimately shortens the overall surgical and/ or healing times.

It is highly important to utilize a well-trained team when completing Implant Dentistry. An experienced and well-trained team includes laboratory technicians, restorative dentists and board certified specialists. I am a board certified Dental Specialist that understands all aspects of your Dental implant and surgical needs. This will improve your overall success with both esthetics and function.

Florida Choice Dental providers have completed advanced training in Dental Implantology. This will help ensure long-term success.
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