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General Dentistry

Many experts agree that having a healthy, brilliant, and functional smile plays a significant role in your every day life. First impressions are often based upon a warm and welcoming smile. Florida Choice Dentistry recognizes the importance of keeping your mouth healthy and functional. We are proud to offer (at each of our locations) general dentists, dental hygienists, and in-house dental specialists. Keeping dentistry simple and convenient provides us a leading advantage with positive feedback from our patients.

Dental Implant Naples
Dental Implant Naples
From a simple cavity preparation to placing a tooth colored restoration to providing a cosmetic makeover using crowns, bridges, and/ or dental implants, our doctors and staff are trained to provide all of your dental needs and care. A healthy smile involves regular hygiene appointments, replacing broken down fillings and restorations. General dentistry does NOT only involve fillings. Consider our complete approach.
Want to replace your silver filings?  With the latest advances in dentistry, Florida Choice Dental offices no longer offer Amalgam (silver fillings). Tooth colored fillings (composite) provide an effective and highly predictable alternative. Composite fillings do not contain Mercury (unlike the silver fillings that do).

Our doctors have completed appropriate advanced training in dentistry so they can offer predictable highly esthetic and functional results. Each case is evaluated with appropriate radiographs, clinical examination and when necessary a set of study models. Proper treatment planning prior to beginning a case can oftentimes reduce the number of unknown surprises as well as provides adequate opportunity to ensure the patient’s expectations of treatment is understood. The more complex the case, the more time is required in planning the case.

To create a beautiful smile can be rewarding. Florida Choice Dentistry has the winning team approach to help. We offer the latest proven technologies/ treatment recommendations that dentistry has to offer.

Contact us today to begin the road to a healthy and functional smile.
Dental Implant NaplesDental Implant Naples
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