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Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers provide an effective and minimally invasive method to improve your smile. Using extremely thin pieces of porcelain that are fabricated at a select dental laboratory, you can predictably change the shape and color of your teeth without the need to remove/ prepare a large amount of your natural tooth. Veneers are often used to provide a mini-makeover and can provide immediate cosmetic results and enhancements to one’s smile. To ensure the best final results, it is important to work with a Dentist that understands the importance of only working with qualified laboratories. The quality of the laboratory can ensure that the final restoration looks natural as well as can avoid chipping and breaking during normal use and function.

Dental Implant Naples
Dental Implant Naples
Porcelain veneers bond directly to the facial (outside) tooth surface using extremely strong cements. Once bonded, it becomes very strong and resistant to chipping and cracking. Veneers can last a very long time especially when cared for with regular hygiene appointments, proper flossing and bushing, and regular check-ups with your dentist.

Porcelain veneers are considered a minimally invasive procedure that can correct multiple flaws on a tooth as well as can help restore strength and functionality.  The process can be relatively quick and only require a few appointments to complete.

Some patients may experience some minor tooth sensitivity immediately following the procedure. This can be considered normal and is usually secondary following the preparation of the teeth.

An alternative treatment choice (instead of porcelain veneers) involves dental bonding using a composite tooth color material. These restorations can provide an esthetic final result but oftentimes do not last as long and could also collect staining with heavy coffee and cigarette/cigar smoking.

Florida Choice Dentistry offers both porcelain veneers and composite tooth bonding. Our doctors will evaluate your case and will be able to explain the pros/cons for each option.
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