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Sedation Dentistry

Ever consider Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is a highly effective method to reduce and/or eliminate anxiety. Many people fear going to the dentist anyway due to either by a past traumatic experience or because of a true phobia. This FEAR keeps thousands of Americans each year from having their annual check-up, getting their teeth cleaned or to accept needed dental work. 
Sedation Dentistry Naples - Sedation Surgery
Florida Choice Dentistry offices (both Naples and Marco Island) provide both Intravenous (IV) and oral sedation techniques. Oral sedation is easy. Prior to your appointment, the patient simply takes a pill. After a period of time, the relaxing effects can be felt. Oral pills can achieve the desired level of sedation; however, the time it takes for the desired effects of the pill to be felt can be unpredictable. Oral sedation is effective and can be considered very cost effective.

IV sedation allows the dental provider more control in pushing the patient down to the desired comfort level. The process requires the placement of only a small catheter. This allows your provider the ability to deliver enough medicine to provide amnesia, reduce anxiety, reduce post-procedure discomfort, and reduces the overall stress of the dental procedure(s). IV sedation techniques are safe and highly effective to complete much needed dental care.

Florida Choice Dentistry is proud to have IV sedation credentialed providers both for general dentistry and dental specialty services. For more complex cases, both doctors can complete and provide their treatment in a single appointment. 

Florida Choice Dentistry reduces the overall number of visits to complete dental care as well as can reduce most of the dental treatment anxiety. This is a key reason that our patients refer their friends to us.

Please contact us today for more information.
Sedation Dentistry in Naples - Find Phobia Relief with Sedation Dentistry in Naples